Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Seeing round corners.

I woke this morning to beautiful sunshine. My home is in a magnificent setting, trees around me, the water in the creek was tinkling away as it cascaded over rocks, the birds were singing. All fantastic!

Was I seeing, hearing or feeling that beauty this morning? No, I wasn’t, I had fear seeping through me, insidious, engulfing me, overwhelming me… it has been building for the last few days. I could not see round my corner and I was almost going to start painting the ceiling beige…can’t have that now can we…definitely time for action!

Why would I be feeling like that? Now let me explain I very seldom turn my TV on, yet I succumbed on Monday night, eekkk housework fairy close your eyes and ears…yes I admit it, I found cobwebs on the plug...uummm when did I use it last? Hang on, where was I? Ahh the news - it was totally about the drama and heartache around the floods.  I allowed that to impact me, even to the extent of picking up and absorbing those negative emotions? 

Why was I allowing it to disturb my peace? Where was my courage?

Ok, what it actually did was to top up other issues that were simmering away. Yes I allowed it all to spill over, to cascade all over me. Yes, it was my choice to worry…

Have you ever noticed when you let the ‘worry wart’ loose, it screams out to every worry you ever had, since Adam was a lad, and they come out running to support your current negative Nelly feeling. True to form they came in droves!  As if to say ‘Hey worries…the door is open - come, she’s down, let’s go get her!’

I felt the need to express how I feel today as ‘showing your vulnerability’ is something I tell clients shows a strength, reaching out shows strength and reaching out makes a difference. What we tell ourselves has an effect at a cellular level, even when it is not articulated. 

 It was time for me to do something...and when I did it is amazing how the day brightened. Taking action made my day. As John C Maxwell says ‘Instead of trying to solve your problem at the level at which it was created, think bigger’. Create a new momentum that inspires you and simply washes your problems away. Flow + Energy = Momentum.
Nooooooooo, I have to report that I didn’t go from overwhelmed to joyous happiness in an instant, that’s way too much of a stretch! However, the power of my relationships and friendships helped me flip my day. Now it the time for me to show gratitude to those who were there for me today? Madonna the Reluctance Queen helped me enormously with tapping, the synergy created with the energy of a second person is amazing. I made a decision and tapped away.
Blogging, Facebook and Sensuality for the Mature Woman are new areas for me, I am still learning. Krishna (Healthy Marketing), Elise (The Creative Collective) and Helen (2 Be Creative) all provided incredible understanding and positive suggestions. I have made a decision on where to go next.
Tony my financial advisor spent time with me, patiently supporting me through changes to come. It was not as bad as I had envisaged. Now I have a number of clear options to consider. That corner was not looking so scary!
A family issue popped up just as I was getting excited about my new found ‘humph’, I am sure it was the Universe saying ‘are you really serious about this?’ ‘I think I will check in and challenge her!’ A quick call to the awesome Gabrielle Hart, an amazing spiritual healer, had me asking myself what I could ‘choose differently’ and other well chosen words. This enabled me to choose again, I chose a loving and supportive path for me.
Why am I blogging about this? To show no matter what our skill level we can all find ourselves overwhelmed by life’s events at some stage. Overwhelming can and does mean different things to different people...And what you are feeling today is your current reality. It is very real and important to you.
You and I do have a choice, we can decide differently. For me that means reaching out. I could not solve my problem at the level at which I created it, I needed to think bigger. To do that, I reached out. That created the momentum inspiring me to take action. Here is where the power of my connections and relationships came into play. Even more powerful than that is expressing my gratitude…I want to thank and name those who were there for me today. I am blessed to have them in my life.
When I open up and show my vulnerability I am able to take action. Have all my problems disappeared? No, however I feel calm, at peace and motivated. As the sun sets, the birds are chirping, the breeze is gentle, the trees are sparkling after the thorough wash from our recent rain and I am back in action. All it takes is a little bit of courage… There is a strong degree of self responsibility in here, all the help in the world would not have made a difference if I had not been open to asking...then acting. 
Never underestimate the power of your relationships, some we give to and some we take from. Take a moment to thank the beautiful people in your life and don’t forget to count yourself!
I may not be able to pay back to these beautiful people today, yet on another day I will be able to offer that helping hand to someone in need in my special way. How lucky am I to have wonderful women who support me, who have seen me at my best and my worst. Thank you!
Tonight I topped it off by going to belly dancing, spending time with beautiful positive women. Thanks Michelle (BellydancingSC), I love simply sharing your energy and being with fun loving women. I came home feeling like a sensual woman again! Ok I know this image is a bit a stretch…but a girl has to dream! Time for bed now!
We never know what is around the corner! 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Be 100% Connected

‘One of the most important things I have learned during the last fifteen years is how to enjoy and savour the present. When I a writing, I am inside the sounds and meaning of the words, playing with them curving them around each other. When I am eating, I luxuriate in the taste and texture of every bite. When I am alone, I listen to and communicate with the silence within me, and the messages of the world around me’.


When I am with people I am really with them. After fifteen years moving around the world people are still my passion. I love the constantly budding and blossoming friendships that define my life’ says Rita Golden Gelman, author of ‘Tales of a Female Nomad’.

What powerful words Rita uses, whatever she is doing - she aims to be 100% connected. As I read her story I was struck by how powerfully she did that when she often did not know the language. She connected by using that universal language - a smile. She added openness, she sang and laughed, she used expressive body language and friendships bubbled and grew as people were drawn to her.  


What does being connected mean? All of the above! We have seen and witnessed amazing connections during our current floods. We don’t realise the power of connections, the power of a helping hand, that kind and supportive word, that thoughtful action. The realisation hits when circumstances arise where you are in a position to be the ‘receiver’. So many of us are great givers yet have difficulty in receiving. A helping hand does not end at the wrist; it extends right to the heart.

I find when I am open and honest about me, it creates an opening for others to be open and honest with me.

Rather like the butterfly who flits around, creating beauty. She does not, cannot fully appreciate that her beauty and grace in flight are a source of joy to others.  

Did you know that if you help a butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis the wings will not open and it will flutter weakly and collapse? Her wings will fail to open and support her.

It is the struggle to emerge that develops the power in her wings. Her struggle ends as she emerges, she spreads her wings, and oblivious to her sensational colourful beauty, she flies off into the garden.

I believe we too have our own struggles and when we find our own way and work through issues our inner magnificent beauty emerges. Just like the butterfly that cannot see her beauty, colour or uniqueness. Her wings, spread behind, invisible to her yet appreciated by others.

I would not be the woman I am today if I had not travelled my life’s journey. It has taken time to learn to appreciate my value. That was hidden from me like the wings of the butterfly. Being totally connected enhances it all and I am deeply grateful for the sensational connections that have enriched my life.


You too will have many moments of taking flight in your lifetime. The more flights you make the stronger you become and the easier it is to believe in yourself. Watch and enjoy the colour and beauty of the butterfly, silently and lovingly watch and enjoy you, as you both soar to greater heights and enjoy powerful connections.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Remember - The Music Is Not In The Piano!


Oohhhh! How I detested it as a child…for one hour every afternoon sitting at that piano practising! Has anyone else been there in childhood?

‘If the music is not on the piano then where is it?’ my very best 10 year old voice would cry out!


My playing the piano proficiently or any other lesser way was simply NOT going to happen. I can still hear myself  ranting  oops, expressing myself clearly…’when I stop these lessons I will NEVER, EVER touch a piano again as long as I live’, she said!  And…true to my word, I haven’t!  Ten year old Di would stand with her hands on her hips (a stance that landed me in considerable trouble years later when nursing), my Negative Nelly hat firmly in place, eyes blazing stating what I was and was not going to do. …not at all disturbed by this outburst, Mum would say a few words and then there I would be… sitting thumping that piano, fury flying from every pore of my being.

I can’t help but ask myself why my mother persisted! It was a financial strain, I was definitely not a keen student and it must have been just as painful for her as it was for me! We were not Catholics yet she sent me to the Nuns for tuition.

In my defence here I might add encouragement  support  teaching from the Nun who taught me fell a little, OK a lot, short of positive motivation. Her modus operandi was to stand over me, tower over me – ruler raised on its side poised…ready to strike my knuckles the moment I made a mistake. No surprises here…I made lots of mistakes!


Now don’t get me wrong I love music, I simply  can't  have chosen not to play a musical instrument. Yet in the past couple of years I have yearned to play a harp…maybe there will be a way and maybe there is music to be found in this beautiful instrument for me. Do tune in 354 posts later… to see!  Uumm in my dreams maybe???

What I am asking is… where is your music?…I can’t help but comment and be affected by the dance with nature we have been having in Queensland the last few days with the cyclonic and post cyclonic wild weather. That music can be how we see and experience first hand, in times of crisis, the magnificence of support from friends and strangers, offered to one and all. 


There is music in the Universe... many of us (yes even me) were saying last week…’a drop of rain would be good’, ‘it’s been so dry this summer’. Someone forgot to tell the Universe to turn the tap off! Folks, we live in a land of extremes, Australia is not noted for gentleness or moderation in its weather patterns that is just how it is!

Where is the sensual in this you ask? The sensual and the music for me is sitting here today seeing the beautiful greenery, the water tinkling softly as it flows over the rocks in the creek beside me, smelling the freshness in the atmosphere after the rain and relishing the soft sunshine knowing our beautiful Sunshine Coast will be green again in a few days. 

My penance is to write ‘I will not say - I wish it would rain’ 500 times today!
Angel  oops wicked girl that I am!

I think the Universe has had a de-clutter on a grand scale! …I almost forgot to mention - I am deeply grateful even for the mundane, I got my washing dry!

What music to my ears!   Where is your music today?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

‘It’s raining’…blog the obvious they say! Then add a mythical transformational tale I thought!


So here I am! Today, in Queensland you can’t get more obvious than saying ‘it’s raining!’ In fact that is an understatement!

And what options do we have on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon? One could be to read a story…even have a wine if you are so inclined…and there is one coming (story that is!)

 On a serious note Queensland has had and is still having a battering with the weather. We have gone from dustbowl to floods in a couple of days. I was chatting with a friend on Facebook this morning and he commented that Australia was not a place noted for its gentleness or moderation and wished us well in our ‘dance with nature’…what am awesome expression…thanks Dave. 

Before I get to the water…let me digress…I wish to ponder on a flame for a moment…bear with me. A few years back I was at a National Speakers Conference and one of the speakers Colin James opened his presentation with a slide, a simple image of a blazing camp fire, the flames rising high, mesmerising me. The image was so powerful I could almost feel the heat. In that instant my mind flew - to male power, dominance, wisdom, strength and control. My mind took me to men sitting round a campfire, a space no woman would invade. Now those who know me know I am far from a shrinking violet!  Yet that image burned into my soul.


Later I started to think – if fire represented male + power…what would represent women? I came up with water – woman + wisdom + flexibility. Water is constant, it flows, it is unstoppable, it wears rock away, if blocked it will change direction and find another way round…it can be gentle, calm, peaceful and serene. Or it can be powerful, destructive and dangerous. And water will put out the flame! Perfect description for a woman I think!

OK, Ok before I get carried away…I delved deep into my computer and found a mythical transformational tale written while I was doing a sensational and amazing  90 day program with the inimitable and gorgeous Denise Moser. It rather fits with the women, water and transformation as we move through our current ‘dance with nature’.

Now…this is the best bit…grab a wine or beverage of your choice and settle in for a short read… 

Auntie Yindiri

A mythical transformational tale by Di Riddell

Beyond the rainbow, not so long ago, before time was known, there lived an ancient tribe who knew the secrets of life. They lived in harmony with each other and nature, were blissfully happy and all things were open to them.

Great droughts followed by devastating floods came and afterwards life was different. Many moons came and went, floods raged, seasons became wild. Throughout this time tribal members drifted on becoming lost in their daily chores unaware that life had changed.

Auntie Yindiri, a female elder of the tribe, no longer young and strong became aware of something beyond. She sat alone at an important place by the sea where she had experienced much sharing of wisdom long ago. Often, she had sat on a rock at the waters edge with her grandmother, she leaned forward eagerly to hear as the very soft tones of her voice… almost a whisper her grandmother communicated with hand signals, the rhythmic clicking of her tongue and the gentle tinkle of water in the background. Here she made contact with the spirit of the frogs, the beauty of butterflies and the magnificence of the eagle.   

Back then this had been an area rich in light timber, wildlife from the land and the sea. It was a place where sunlight filtered gently through the trees. The flow and tinkle of water cascading over rocks created a mantle of peace.

Today a barrenness had overtaken their community, country and spirit yet they were lost in the daily grind.  Yindiri was sad for her people and she knew not why and she sat looking and reflecting on the water.  In long ago times the men had sat around the camp fire telling stories and images of male power and control swam before her eyes. In parallel times the women sat hunched over the rocks at the waters edge and used soft whispers, hand gestures and tongue clicking to relate stories of the magic and power of water and women. She reflected on the strength of water, it may drip and wear a rock away, it may rush in flood and create a new path, overflow and wash away or sit still and reflect its surroundings. In turn water extinguishes a fire.

As she sat there silently the frogs came and crawled over her leaving her clammy and sticky, the caterpillars came and tickled her inching over her naked body with their many legs and she took no notice. Finally a beautiful proud eagle came and hovering before her pierced her with his ever seeing stare. Yindiri fell into a deep death -like quiet trance.

While she was in this trance those frogs, caterpillars and the eagle communicated with her in special ways.

The commune of frogs croaked ‘we will work with the humans’

Yindiri we do not much about humans, we do know a lot about being a community and the cycle of the secret to life. We will share with you how our community works with the land and the water. You will learn how our understanding of the flow of water and balance with nature will help you to heal, flourish and be strong.

‘We will guide them’ chanted the procession of caterpillars

If you are open to our messages we will share the secret of how we live. Our life is short and we have much to do. We then experience the value of time alone and finally become beauty in motion as we collectively or singly soar to greater heights. This we know about and can share with you.

The eagle – flying far above looking down knew much about humans and still preferred to be an eagle. She communicated survival, faith in beyond, being in harmony with nature and rejoicing in a new life.

The eagle has a life span of up to 70 years but to reach this age she must make a hard decision. In her 40’s her long and flexible talons can no longer grab prey which serves as food, her long and sharp beak becomes bent. Her old and heavy wings due to their thick feathers cling together making it difficult to fly.

Then, she is left with only 2 options: die or go through a painful process of change which lasts 150 days. The process requires that she fly to a mountain top and sit. There she knocks her beak against a rock until she can pluck it out. The beak grows back slowly and then it will pluck out its talons.

When the new talons grow back, she starts plucking out the’ old-ages feathers. After 5 months, she takes her famous flight of rebirth and lives for 30 more years.

Yindiri awoke and acted with purpose, she became energetic.  Communicating openly, inspiring others – she knew what her community needed. She treasured the earth and the earthlings and the earth shared its treasures with her.

The rest of the tribe at first ignored her and failed to notice her changing. They took no notice as each day she ventured further away and returned with a new message or a grain of knowledge gathered from the earth or the water.

The day came when she knew it time for her journey of transformation. No one noticed she had gone. Although they had enjoyed her story telling and sharing’s no one had attempted to explore and find their own.

Now fresh, free and strong she travelled far by day and at night she showed thanks to the frogs for showing the balance in nature, the caterpillars for showing her how to enjoy the journey and making the most of every moment. She danced in sheer delight.

When she was surrounded by the unknown she used her understanding to avoid danger. At times nature raged around her and she used her senses to perceive danger in advance and her strength to endure when that was the wise way.

When she was so far from home that she no longer knew the way back - she sat silently. Time passed. Meanwhile back with her tribe, relationships grew stronger, they worked in harmony. The flow of the water was reflected as people grew in knowledge and lived their own adventures. In this place she saw beautiful turquoise water reflecting images of frogs, butterflies and an eagle.

In her dream state she pondered the value of change. Many times, in order to survive we have to start a change process. We sometimes need to get rid of old memories, habits and other past traditions. Only freed from past burdens, can we take advantage of the present and grow.

When she awoke, she felt somehow different. With the beauty of a rainbow appearing behind her she felt calm and inspired. With a   feeling of the power of water coursing through her veins she set off for the place of her dreams.

After many days Yindiri came to a flowing river, water tumbling over the rocks and she saw the expansive eagle symbol on its surface. An iridescent blue butterfly flitted across the warm rocks. This was exactly the vision of her dreams. She set down her few possessions on the bank and dived in. The flow of the river pulled her to a twist in the river which sucked her over a natural drop and below the surface. She was tumbled, she relaxed and went with the flow emerging in a magical place only seen in her dreams.

Here she marveled at the multifaceted beauty suffused with a sparkling rainbow of colours reflecting around her. She discovered a gay and joyful community of people with a freshness of spirit that tinkled through the air like laughter in a breeze. The people seemed to have been waiting for her, it was as if she had returned home and in a heartbeat. Yindiri was at one with herself, the universe and everyone else.  

Rolling on floor laughing… really????

Ok folks, it is pouring rain, bucketing actually here in S.E. Queensland, time for some light relief…even if it is at my expense…


Girls, you know that feeling you get when you think you have produced ‘just the right tool for the job’? I thought it was perfect!

I had a friend staying with me and last night I broke the watch band on my favourite watch…rather a bracelet than a watch band. It is ‘the watch’ that I fly off post haste for repair when the battery goes flat…and that was just 2 days ago!!!!

Shock… horror…I went to put it on last night and the band broke! ‘Nooooooo! It can’t be’ I wailed pitifully…sadly it was!!!

Thank goodness…male to the rescue…’Pliers’ he says, ‘I need pliers’.

Full of oomph and feeling smug…I rushed off…I knew I had just the tool!

Back I came smiling brightly, said tool in my hand. That’s when it happened! 

 Peals of laughter rang out as he sputtered out the words ‘that’s a what’? They are not real pliers! Uumm reminiscent of Hogue’s and him saying ‘that’s not a knife’…except I could not produce the ‘this is a knife’ example! Damm! Missed my opportunity!
 Sadly there is no happy ending to this tale, the part was actually broken and no magical pliers are going to repair it!!!
I know, you are saying to yourself…what is sensual about this? Absolutely nothing…I am simply sharing a light hearted moment and it took confidence to say it all out loud!


So, lots of love, light and laughter on a very rainy Saturday night…keep smiling remember ‘pretty tools’ are not always the best! And a touch of humour will always magically save the day!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Touched… at what level?

Once upon a time…nah... scrub that! Take2!

This week I was humbled to meet a beautiful person, Ian…he experienced burns to 65% of his body as an 11 year old…can you even begin to imagine the pain - physical, mental and psychological? The challenges in his life as he returned to school faced teenage years and grew into maturity do not bear thinking about. Yet here is this mature man one of the most open, caring and beautiful of humans it has been my privilege to meet.  I was touched!

It got me thinking…fifteen years ago I was in Scotland staying with friends of friends named Janet and Bill. Janet had also been horrifically burned and disfigured especially her face. She recovered, found love and went on to become the most amazing and exquisite soul…the lives she touched, especially mine brought every sense of mine, let alone a sensual one to the fore… I was touched!

In between that time period I met through National Speakers an incredible man W Mitchell, some of you may have heard of him, met him or heard him speak. If you have not, spare just over 3mins to watch this video clip…it speaks for itself. Another burn victim, he became a human torch following a motor bike accident with burns to 75% of his body, followed by would you believe a plane crash which left him paralyised.  He wrote a book it is titled ‘It’s Not What Happens To you…it’s what you do about it’... he is the most vibrant man who lives and breathes his message.  He went on to become a leader in many areas, a sought after speaker and when you meet him his presence and personal power are charismatic. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak and meeting him…I was touched!

Where am I going with this…to use W Mitchell’s words...? ‘Where is the new stuff, no new stuff…only old stuff and it is really good old stuff’. Sensuality is old stuff…I am simply putting Di’s slant on it! How do I describe it? It is how you walk, talk, express yourself, how big your intention and heart is, it involves all of your senses. When you make a conscious decision to live with sensuality it allows a living growing element to flourish within you, it becomes an innate part of you. It just can’t be contained, it bubbles forth, and it sparkles and shines in every area of your life. Love life…yep! Personal life...yep! Professional life…yep!

And if that is not enough, it also makes you feel alive, vibrant, resilient, confident, irresistible (OK I made that one up…yet it could be possible…couldn’t it?).And yes girls...sensuality is not just for us...what about the men?

Give your beautiful self a treat…go for it now! Whatever has happened to you…does it pale into insignificance when you read about these three extraordinary and special people? You too are special, you too are a sensual being…Let it rip…let it flow…let your exquisite sensual side touch those around you at every level…take 2…nah just do it!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oops…me, my foibles or a mask?

Oops did she forget her specs, was her sense of humour going ballistic...or was she genuinely seeing it differently? Whichever, I hope it raised a smile for you and got your sensual sensations bubbling going…OK I will settle for humour if not!

Actually it was the word ‘quickie’ that caught my eye this morning. Time is a little tight so it will be a ‘quickie’ this morning for me and not an egg in sight!!!

Life is full of variations and perspectives e.g. you can look at something today and when you look at it again tomorrow you see it differently. That may be because you are in a different frame of mind. For me, what I find funny today could very well have me asking tomorrow ‘what did I find funny about that?


Every day we are a little different, we learn, grown and change which is why repetition and listening to something like a CD or reading a passage in a book over and over gives us a different insight. Like that saying ‘When the student is ready…the teacher appears’. Something may happen in your life that gives you a totally new outlook, a challenge may be thrust upon you and throw your life into complete chaos. Ideas, thoughts words and people suddenly pop up just when you need them.

My second point this morning is about masks…We are masters in the use of disguise…from ourselves and from the world. When you look at this image…
  • What do you see?
  • Who do you see?
  • Do you simply see beautiful scenery, the calm cool flow of nature?
  • Do you see the bear, the eagle or another? The faces are masked and blending with the scenery and each time you look you find another face or another facet of scenery not noticed before.

Now that got me thinking…What masks do you wear what facet of your personality do you show, or not show to the world? Yes, we all don and wear them; examples could be the ‘good girl’, the ‘bad girl’, the parent, the business person, the sportsman, the community leader, the speaker, the clown and yes even the grump. 

It is fine to have these masks – my question to you is - do you allow them to define you? Do you hide behind them? You may be extremely confident and excel in your career yet lack confidence in other areas of your life and you take refuge in that professional mask. You hang on to it for dear life in case someone sees a crack in your armour. Why is it we think we need to project a perfect image to the world? It is our imperfections and naturalness that everyone loves.

From my experience when I am open and allow my humanness, my foibles and vulnerability to show, it gives permission for others to do the same. Others feel comfortable, they find you are not that scary or unapproachable … a tip for the day…get to know someone you consider amazing...or the other extreme take the time to spend time with someone out of your ordinary…it is incredible what you find when you take the time to really ‘be ‘ with someone. I unwittingly allowed my home life being a parent, grandparent, wife, carer to define me…when my husband passed away I went through an ‘identity crisis’…who was I now I was no longer the wife and carer, the family were grown up and independent…the mask was torn from me and I felt exposed and fearful as I sought then grew into the woman I am today and what a fabulous, challenging and rewarding journey it is…and I am not done yet!

I am not saying a mask is a negative…when you look through the eyes if a mask:
  • It sharpens your focus and allows you to hone in on something with laser precision.
  • Or you realise you can only see part of the picture, if you widen or change the mask you a different picture, experience or choice. Wow!

I find life so exquisitely exciting, we have so many life tools available to assist us in whatever direction we choose…so whether you are a bear an eagle, a super Mum or Dad or the magnificent you…go for it and live your life to the fullest.

It is your choice if you take delight in the lighter side of life even if you mispronounce the word… learn to laugh at yourself, love your masks yet seek to find which one you wear and why…and consider how you could use a new one…gosh you could even break out and be the magnificent you and not have one at all!

Be confident and have a sensational and sensual day…love, light and laughter   Di

Monday, 21 January 2013

Only the leaves on top of the tree…for me!

Once upon a time, a cute, well Ok, actually a spindly skinny long legged young girl dreamed of her life as a giraffe. She sat in the branches of a mulberry tree in the chook pen, high up so she could have a better view. Of what she was not sure…she knew there was something, her imagination soared, she got to thinking...and giraffe images floated by, she was fascinated.

That girl grew up, became a woman and had a whole world of experiences and went on to realise a life long dream to see a giraffe in the wild. What a privilege it was, and I gained an ever greater fascination and respect for them. What magnificent sensual creatures!

When I come back on this earth…I am going to be a giraffe! How about you?  I am already half way there, still tall and gangly, long neck, curious and with age spots determined to join up I will soon come complete with giraffe spots! Did I mention I have a vivid imagination?

Back to reality…What is the sensual attraction of a giraffe you ask? Good question!

A Different Perspective – ‘I only eat the leaves on top of the tree’ she says…’You’ve probably never seen them’. How many of us bury ourselves in mediocrity and never try the top of the tree? You might have to climb like I did in the mulberry tree; ‘she’ simply stands and stretches her neck for the best view! However you do it…just give it a go!

Be curious – what amazed me while in Kenya was how curious giraffes were. I was in a jeep with two friends and we were driving slowly, I was beside myself with excitement being so close to them. A group walked towards us, stopped and looked, like the zebras I blogged about recently…it seemed like they were thinking, ‘and who is this in my living room? Then they graciously ambled across the road in front of us?’ How easily we can forget to stay curious and learn. What have you been curious about this week?


It’s Ok to be vulnerable and friends are important – yes I know, I simply loved this image…a sensual delight is how I would describe it…showing our vulnerability makes us human and we connect with vulnerability and openness, when we do it gives others permission to do the same. And who hasn’t ‘hopped up for support’ at some stage in life? Perhaps you have been ‘hopped on’! Cherish your vulnerability.


Be different – There is absolutely nothing like a giraffe, so you too can embrace your difference, stand up and speak out for what you believe in.  Hone your confidence (I know a great Confidence coach) and courage to allow you to make your difference in this world. You can do it!


 Be chic - Pearls for girls, they will take you anywhere! It is our personal presentation, the whole package that creates a first impression. That does not necessarily mean expensive designer clothes, chic can happen on a budget! Sure presentation creates the opening,  you already have your message and substance to support your presentation..right? In today's world when casualness is the order of the day I often see sloppiness in action. There is still a place for manners, graciousness and elegance presented with exquisite confidence. Starting with loving yourself and who you are allow your inner beauty will shine through. Allow love, light and laughter into your life! How have you shone today?

Stretch Yourself – how will ‘she’ reach the top of the tree if she does not extend herself? The finger image is a simple analogy, as you spread your fingers imagine you are stretching yourself…in what ways have you stretched yourself this week? And remember a helping hand does not stop at the wrist it extends right to the heart.

 Reach girls, reach, reach up to the leaves at the top - they are new, fresh, tender and there is not much competition up there!!! Go on, I know you want to!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Letter to my granddaughter… on confidence and sensuality!

Darling you are beautiful, you are loved, you are special and you can do it!

Your life will be littered with glad and sad moments ranging from the miniscule to the monumental. What a joy our life journey is and what a privilege it is to be your Grannie Di as I encourage you to love yourself and grow into the  amazing fabulous woman I know you will be. 

I have watched over you as you have grown; sometimes near, sometimes from afar. Wherever I am, the invisible thread that binds our soul will be always be there. A grandmother and her granddaughter have an opportunity to share such a special bond. Freed from parental responsibilities I am free to love, guide and yes, have love light and laughter between us.

You have such openness, curiousity and delight in everything that you approach never forget to look within and see you own inner beauty and strength. As life pops up doors will open, some will close gently, others will just slam! Then the magical happens and you will be delighted.   

You won’t just grow up confident, and have the world at your feet. Now don’t go off into a funk…you haven’t heard the worst yet. Brace yourself; there will be high and lows, great times and shocking times.

I know it isn’t what you want to hear but really the world we live in is not all that good for confidence building, let alone promoting sensuality. You will suddenly find yourself in your 20’s then 30’s and as each decade approaches – same deal. Your confidence will be celebrated and challenged in a host of different ways.

Here’s another curly one – a pretty girl or a great looking guy knows that ’beauty’ opens doors, but what happens when you open your mouth? Have you learned to speak with kindness, joy and love? Have you learned the lessons of openness, honesty and trust? Have you learned the utter joy of laughter, it will carry you over the rocky times in your life. If you settle for superficial confidence you will struggle to believe you have anything else to offer.

You will find a way to move forward with your confidence – that may seem a drag now yet it is curiously fulfilling and comforting.  

As you mature you will come to understand sensuality apart from sexiness. Sensual is the way you move, the way you talk and act, the lure of the promised…not yet delivered.  It comes from deep within and is about your personality and aura. Sexiness my dear you understand!

Too soon, you to will have children and when you are 50+, you may be on top of the world and would be fabulous. If not, it is never too late to seek out confidence and sensuality again. It would be the perfect opportunity to re-discover it and how exquisitely exciting is that? You will remember our conversations about life from when you were a teenager. 

You will be unaware that you have taught me so much, the intensity, vibrancy and energy of youth are a constant source of delight and amazement to me. Lessons that were learned simply because I was willing to listen to your innate wisdom.  Thank you.

You can build an inner confidence and sensuality that simply radiates and shines, you can speak with love and kindness, you can feed it with positivity regularly, you can learn to laugh at your sometimes un-confident self, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and do it all again. Confidence and sensuality are potent qualities and values to possess.

From my heart to your heart and speaking with the wisdom gained from my life experience - remember darling, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are special and you can do it!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

This too shall pass…. I whispered to myself!

Yes, ‘This to shall pass’ I whispered to myself as I drove to Maroochydore yesterday morning to join ‘laughter yoga’ for the very first time. All packed up and ready to go...complete with backpack! What shall pass you may ask…that niggling sensation…was it fear? Not really! Did I think I might look silly? Yeeeeees! Was I up for the self set challenge? You bet!

Why, oh why, do we worry about things that 99% of the time never happen? How do we become so stiff, starchy and stuffy in life that we forget to have fun? Even worse, not only forget ‘to’… we forget ‘HOW’ to.  So there was my challenge, laid bare…bring it on whispered another voice in my head!  Goodness the whole committee was going ballistic in there.

I went, and was warmly welcomed by a super friendly group. I already recognised a couple of faces, that helped and contrary to popular opinion…I survived and lived to tell the tale.  Isn’t it amazing how we need to give ourselves permission to cut loose, to relax, let our defences down and simply enjoy.

I did not know exactly what to expect, so I was there with an open mind and yes, Ok, and a little of ‘eekkkkkkkkk what am I doing!’ Then that cheeky,  fabulous Jenni Parry says to me ‘I know a great confidence coach’…uummm that started me giggling and I relaxed.

It was wonderful, adults simply laughing for the sheer joy of it and getting some gentle exercise in the fresh air at the park. Now I can’t quite claim to have been participating 100%, you know your nose grows longer if you tell porkies!!! However I will be back and be better next time.

The fun exercises varied from surfing to swimming, being a penguin to a kookaburra and everything in between…you really didn’t think I was going to tell all…did you? You have to come and see for yourself. Go on…be a devil and rock up one Saturday morning 9-9.30 at Cotton Tree.  The next best bit was sharing a coffee and chatting afterwards, and I do love to chat. My heartfelt thanks to the group for your warm loving support in laughing…just because!

What did I learn? That it is Ok to let loose and enjoy, it is a fun process, it is Ok to be a little silly and it feels fantastic to laugh… I left feeling light, bouncy and laughter bubbled up through me throughout the day and has even continued over to this morning. It feels sensational!

‘This to shall pass’…this is a great statement. Remember:
When things are bad…this to shall pass
When things are good...this too shall pass

Having laughter in your tool kit helps cope with the highs and hiccoughs in life.

Go on I urge you to let loose and have go… do something that is a challenge for you this week! And…I would love to hear your experience…no whispering…share it loudly with love, light and laughter…I just did!