Saturday, 29 December 2012

Have you forgotten how to be a kid?

Can you imagine the thoughts flowing through this darlings mind as she sits in there going vroom, vroom, vroom!!!

It must be the kid in me, I started thinking, if that were me, wearied by life, my children convinced me to give up by license, well yes I had had a little prang or two, nothing to worry about, a dint in the garage door, the tree that moved closer to the driveway than ever before, and the stop sign…what stop sign! What is a lady to do…I can’t drive the family think I am starting to lose it. My little secret is I do something for fun each time I go shopping.

That’s when I saw it… the little red number; I always wanted a red car, just for me. This looks just the ticket. My conservative self I left looking after the groceries as I set off for a spin in my little red car and it only cost me $1.

Just because I stoop a little, have grey hair and I am a little slower does not mean I have forgotten the girl in me who yearns for fun. This is my time to let my hair down and go for the spin of my life, racing here, there, everywhere.

Oh dear it stopped…no point having a tanti, I am way past having a mum to come and put more money in. I have enjoyed myself immensely.

Now to get out of here…not as easy as getting in. I knew there was a reason I wore slacks today…yes I am a little stiff, my joints are not as mobile as they once were but at last I climbed out, smiling from ear to ear.

As I took control of my shopping trolley, my daughter came rushing up saying ‘Where have you been Mum? I smiled, patted her hand and said ‘Never mind dear, you wouldn’t understand.’

I know in life I became the super woman, my little heart beat faster when I could do more and more when suddenly I realised the fun had disappeared from my life while I was busy ‘doing’ as a wife, mother, worker and involved in my community.

Then life challenges took their toll and I not only was not having fun I had forgotten how. That road back for me had many turns and OK maybe I am not quite ready to hop in this little red number yet ( it did give me ideas though), having fun and pleasure every day is now part of my life. I am very grateful for my life and the family and friends who have stood by me, challenged me and yes even have fun with me.

Coming up to the New Year - A quick question - What would you do if you could be a kid again for 10mins?

Friday, 28 December 2012

The Gift of Giving – A Ladies Delicate Handkerchief.

When I saw the smile on her face I knew my creative playing with antique handkerchiefs had given pure pleasure.

How did I come to be playing with antique vintage handkerchiefs? I had been reading ‘Scruples Two’ by Judith Krantz. One of her characters scoured antique shops seeking lingerie of old. She would then repair it, add touches of lace, write a story about who the previous owner may have been and her whimsical ways to give to her special friends. The delight of her friends and the fun they had reading their story transported them to a time past yet created desire, anticipation and sensual delight in the presentation of these garments of old. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh if only our lingerie could talk…Now that may cause a blush or two!!!  

I don’t actually have access to antique lingerie except for a few pieces that belonged to my Grandmother and that could be another story. There must be something I kept thinking and I suddenly remembered I did have antique handkerchiefs and doilies and the collection did belong to my mother and grandmother. With delight and excitement I set to work creating my story, I wanted it to be engaging, to create anticipation and a sensual delight for my friends. I was not disappointed, the girls were delighted. 

Ladies antique handkerchiefs make wonderful collectibles; this has been my pleasure to give as a gift. Next comes well what do we do with them?  Ideas of how to display them…if the embroidery is an initial shared by the bride what a delight to be worn as something old on her wedding dress or incorporated into the bouquet, the folded handkerchief could be framed along with the story, even pop it into your evening bag for a special night out. Oh dear, noooooooooooooo not to mop up tears!

In sharing my story I hope you to will take a moment to savour and enjoy it.

A ladies delicate handkerchief… she would simply never be seen without one!

Such exquisite lace, delicate and white it was created in moments of peace and solitude with love, patience and joy.  The handkerchief – adorned the dressing tables of ladies, it was slipped into her evening bag, a protector of her dreams, desires and expectations. Yes sometimes it even mopped up her tears! Unknowingly young ladies of the past were creating a legacy that would span generations and connect families and friends. 

Her name was Maggie, such a simple name, born in 1882; she lived and dreamed her dreams in an uncomplicated life. Her hands flew lovingly through the thread weaving patterns of exquisite beauty with her crochet hook and an embroidery needle and thread, that’s how life was for young ladies back then. 

Duals may have been fought over her hand, I cannot say, her shy coy smile, her huge guileless eyes and innocent blushes I am sure had hearts fluttering with anticipation. In her dreams she slipped out and went dancing in delicate dresses, handsome young men swooning at the sight of her fair ankle. Maggie of the light, faithful and beautiful heart had her mama awaken her with a kiss on the eve of her country ball.

Maggie cared not for jewels and the rich – she sought true love and found it with the most charming man and she wove that exquisite piece of linen with love, starting with her delicate crocheting and ending by entwining his heart.

Time flew by and generations later through the incredible patterns woven by the Universe this delicate slip of linen and lace continues to flow on to create fun, joy and friendship. Take a moment, be still and notice the pre-ordained pattern with spaces for amazing adventures, fantastic highs and lows reflecting the wonderful delights that await us all begging the question “what grand and glorious adventures will I have today?’  

What did happen in 1882, the birth of my grandmother Maggie, her hankies enveloped her in the magic of life. May you allow this exquisite slip of treasured linen to absorb your love, dreams and desires?

Who am I? Dianna, a woman who loves family, friends and connecting. That universal circumstance that drew us together has created our circle of friendship. I feel honoured and blessed to be sharing a moment of my past.

From my heart to your heart, may your heart flutter with anticipation and all your dreams come true as you absorb the memories stored in this slip of linen and lace.  

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Reflections on Christmas Traditions


How is everyone feeling this morning? Elated, excited, or ‘it’s over till next year! Was it a sensual experience? Mine was, in a different sort of way. Still enjoyable just different!

Just before Christmas I picked up on a blog post by Jenni Parry on Christmas traditions are yours tacky, tragic or a treasure?  

My reply was Christmas traditions as I knew them have disappeared as a result of life changes and family challenges over the past 10 years. As I look back and I have been, those memories remain vivid. Back to my childhood the men sitting round the dining room table before breakfast drinking rum and milk (could you imagine anything worse), while the women went to church. Then ham and eggs for Dad indulging in that shocker of a habit ‘eating the white fat’...years later my husband thinking he was helping cut the ham and stripped the fat away, like we did! Very un-Christmas like words were spoken!

Mum slaved over a hot stove, eating a hot dinner as we all sweltered, indulging in pudding and custard excited when you found a threepence. Later eating watermelon round the tank stand, juice running down your chin (oh dear now I cut it up now and eat it with a fork off a plate) ...mud crab and fresh bread for Christmas night...funny it all seems to be food and family. It must have had some effect, after I got married and went to live in Mackay, that first year, and every year after we had seafood Christmas lunch. Those first couple of years I felt all guilty for not slaving over the hot stove... not guilty enough though...because we did it again and again! Then suddenly I decided it was Ok to enjoy whatever we chose to do…and the benefit was less stress for all concerned. We often place such high expectations on ourselves!

Today as I reflect over the past few days spent with family, it is the time spent with my grandchildren that mean most to me. My 5 year old granddaughter Amy chose to sleep with me, of course we wrote a letter to Santa telling him where she was sleeping. Next year Pippa will be old enough to join in…heaven forbid 2 children in bed with me…

We had had a BBQ at the beach Christmas Eve , driven round looking at the Christmas lights and now home  reading a story before bed, Amy then announced ‘we’ would put the light out… so much for my having a read before sleep…I lay propped and this little voice says… ‘Grannie Di you are not going to sleep you still have your glasses on!’ Sprung, I thought I would slip out after she had fallen asleep.

Amy’s concern was I would not wake her early…no need to worry…at 5am she was insistently tapping my arm reminding me it was Christmas morning, the joy and happiness on her face was priceless. The anticipation of what she might receive, the magic in childhood and childhood dreams flitting across her little face.   

Gift time took me back to the simple gifts I received as a child, the gifts given to my children and now my grandchildren. Have you noticed children use all their senses are totally in the moment, sight (looking), hearing (shaking), touching (squeezing and anticipation), smell (what can it be?) and taste (can I eat it?) They do it simply, in the moment, totally absorbed and with absolute joy. What a gift to be able to share these moments in time.

Then the modern adaption and a 5 year old's lateral thinking… Amy’s friend found an IPod case in a shop and excitedly said to her Mum, if you buy me this case Santa will have to buy me the IPod won’t he?’

Whatever happens in life our memories are precious, what we do today creates the memories for future generations in our family.  So how am I feeling? Excited, elated and sensual…all my senses were engaged! I am so very grateful for the memories of Christmas 2012.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Reflecting on friendships

I am fabulously lucky to be connected with a sensational bunch of women who I met through Wildly Wealthy Women. Although that particular avenue is no longer operating a small group has continued a loose yet strong connection. Looking back now it changed my mindset, it certainly involved all the senses yet I did not recognise that angle of sensuality flowing through to me at the time. It took me in a different direction to what I expected, one of the amazing parts of life embracing the unexpected.  
At an impromptu informal dinner party we had fun, laughed, were serious, helpful, encouraging, challenging and awesome. We even ate dinner and yes, we indulged in a glass of wine! We talked about what was really going on in our lives now, our wins and our challenges. It was a night of love, light and laughter.
As we were leaving – someone said there is a cat lying in the middle of the road. The consummate cat lover amongst us went over for a look. We watched as she circled ‘it’ slowly saying nothing. Fearing the worst, we held our breath and expected her to say it was a ‘moggy gone to heaven’.
Nooo! She said it looks like that long slim part of a man’s anatomy (well not I those words) wrapped in cardboard with the tip showing. Six mature women armed with a torch bore down on the offending shape – in torch light it was shown to be nothing but a piece of wet cardboard in a shadow which had created an illusion.
When did you last take the time to reflect back to a time, remembering when through throwing yourself into something, the result was different, exciting and rewarding?  Were you able to see the fun and frivolity, embracing the challenges and honouring yourself in the process? To delight in the humour in every imaginable place…even a piece of wet cardboard on the road….connection and friendship are what make my life worthwhile, I am so grateful for the sensational women in my life. In the rush into Christmas take a moment to reflect and express gratitude for the wonders in your life and the friends and family who make it special to you. . Just as the wet cardboard gave a final touch of freshness, light and laughter to our evening, I wish love, light and laughter to you.
I would like to share a fabulous affirmation a friend gave me, thanks Nicky, ‘Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures will I have?’ Is it the ones we allow ourselves to have? I think I will throw in sensual and have grand, glorious and sensual experiences over Christmas – why, because it makes me happy I choose to and my friends touch my heart!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sharing my two cewnts worth!

If sensuality is all about the senses… sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell…is it only me or has anyone else noticed how glum the expressions and posture of those wandering the shopping malls?

This week I was sitting having a coffee alone in the mall, watching people as they moved about. What struck me was how serious, scowling, slouched, sloppy and slow so many were. There appeared to me to be no air of festivity, it was all about drudge as feet were dragged, watches consulted, parcels and bags bulging. The attitude seemed to be one of resignation in an enclosed space, noise everywhere, tempers fraying. Christmas spirit seemed to be far, far away…

A couple of hours later, I was at the beach and was immediately struck by the difference. Out in the open, a slight breeze, the sun shining and adults and children were full of energy, even those baking in the sun seemed to have energy flowing from them. Gaiety was in the air, smiles, laughing, children and adults playing in and out of the water, some seriously building sand castles, others on every kind of board imaginable and others walking.    

Could it be that commercialism has gone overboard? That if we opted for the simple things in life, to play in nature in this case sea, sun and sand, relax and spend time together that the spirit of life, sensuality and even a sense of Christmas would have an opportunity to blossom?

Then there was the dog! Was he using a 6th sense – common sense? A small group of teenagers were playing cricket on the beach and they had a dog. He was having a wonderful time, everywhere the ball went he went. Then the batsman missed the ball…it flew straight past him off up the beach. The batsman turned and looked, the rest of the group stood and looked…the dog stood and looked. Time stood still.

Urging him to go fetch the ball, fell on deaf ears… he sat and waited, when one of the group ran to get the ball, he up and ran excitedly alongside happy to be playing. Clever dog!

My thoughts are there is a moral to the story, it is not about presents and gimme more, more, more. It’s about spending quality time together, playing and enjoying. How quickly when we get stressed and overwhelmed do we forget to have fun.  One dog on the beach, totally alert but not moving waiting for someone to play with demonstrated it beautifully.

Over the next few days will you find time to play with the loved ones in your life at whatever level of play is appropriate…and yes utilise all your senses, allow yourself that fun and freedom. Will you allow yourself to do that? Enjoy!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mango oh mango!

Oh mango, oh mango…how I love thee…
Let me count the ways…oohhhhhhh!
How do you like to eat your mango? Like this… little mouthfuls of bliss?
I’ve been waiting for mango season all year…yah!
The house is full of the scent of mango.

Imagine cut into slivers… dipped in wine and used on soo sooo many erotic parts of the body...where would you like it dipped for extreme sensation????? Starting with your lips on one end of the sliver and your lovers on the other, gazing deeply into each others eyes till your lips meet in the mingling and orgasmical combined scents of you both and your mango…..

Isn’t it amazing how a simple fruit can take us to sooo many places!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why I chose ‘Beige…think I’ll paint the ceiling beige!’

Why I chose ‘Beige…think I’ll paint the ceiling beige!’

OMG girls…have you ever lay there during sex…note the word ‘during…denoting dreary’…and thought ‘beige….shall I paint the ceiling beige’? There were probably even 50 shades beige now I come to think of it!

Did that make you smile? That is what this is all about… to engage you, women of 55+ in the art of sensuality, Di style. Ok you are still welcome if you are younger…I won’t tell!  If you are lots younger and think this would be great for your Mum please encourage her.

I had my share of those beige thoughts…. and the more I talk to women about what is going on in their heads I realise that so many of us have lost our sensual side. Especially mature women! And many of them want it back!

Imagine you were feeling light, magical…even orgasmical!  Oohh Ok let’s start with sensual…the quirky and irreverent side of me is showing already!   
Remember when you were young the thought of your parents or worse grandparents having a sexual relationship was ‘Nooooooooooooooooo they don’t….guess what? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees they do! And guess what else? It can be fantastic!

I see and hear more and more women who feel disheartened by life’s challenges ranging from the miniscule to the monumental, and yep…I have had my share. At times we all feel burdened with life, suddenly you realise you are bone weary, that boredom has set in, seeps through every area of life and settles firmly in your bedroom! You become too busy, too tired, too cranky…or worse think you are to thin, to fat, to tall, to short, or worst of all…to old!!!! Its time to STOP! Time to re-engage on a lighter and joyful note! It’s all about you!

I have had the most sensational succulent fun as I have explored my sensuality. It has been a source of frequent humour amongst friends as I have regaled them with my journey and I thought it would be fabulous to write a quirky, fun, irreverent and non confrontational blog to engage mature women.

Would you like to join me as we explore, create and have fun with your sensuality? You may feel far from fabulous right now…don’t let age rob you of your right to pleasure.

Let’s start with a question –
When was the last time you felt like a truly sensuous woman?

If you can’t remember…you may enjoy this slip into sensuality and banish the 50 shades of beige forever and go for the whole colour range!